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Can foreigners buy property in Thailand

What are the conditions to any foreign property purchase in Thailand, and how can foreigners buy property in Thailand legally.

Can foreigners buy property in Thailand

The first thing about Thailand and buying property is that there are restrictions, and yet there are restrictions on many types of property buying worldwide so this is not a unique situation to Thai law,


Foreigners cannot buy or own land but they are able to buy the property that sits on the land. This is in a way a leasehold situation yet with differences.

Foreigners may buy the following properties:

A unit in a registered Condominium.
A registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of titled land or buildings.
A building distinct from its land.

Foreign nationals may not own:

Freehold land.
More than 49% of the shares in a Thai company that owns freehold land.

Before buying any property of any type in Thailand contact a lawyer who know Thai law inside out and to be educated on Foreign Exchange Transaction Form (FETF) which is a key element of the buying process in Thailand.

If you marry a Thai person the situation changes completely, as it does in many other parts of the world in regards to ownership and buying assets. Get a lawyer to explain the legal ways that a foreigner buys property in Thailand before you fall foul of Thai law.

How Can Foreigners Buy Property in Thailand Legally


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