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Zanzibar Real Estate

The island of Zanzibar is essentially still a part of Tanzania although there are elements of self rule and governance that forms part of the strata of daily life on Zanzibar. Real estate here comprises local homes and properties together with some resorts and hotels to serve the many tourists that visit the islands each year


Zanzibar is not just one island, but numerous small islands that form the whole region referred to as Zanzibar. Unguja is the largest of these and generally get referred to as Zanzibar by the world. The second largest is the island of Pemba.

Zanzibar City is the capital city of Zanzibar and is to be found on the largest island of the group of islands known as Zanzibar called Unguja. Spices, raffia, and tourism are the main sources of income and as per Grenada in the Caribbean which also has a large spice industry Zanzibar is at times referred to as spice islands.

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