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Myanmar Property For Sale By Owner

The concept of selling a property by the owner in most countries has taken off, and in Myanmar you will be able to source a number of options of properties, residential and commercial, that are being offered by the owners.


Why do owners use the ''for sale by owner'' route? In simple terms it is to save on commission, as to find a buyer or investor themselves could save tens of thousands of dollars if the property is a high value one. Of course, the attraction of the buyer is just the first step, and owners should always use the services of a lawyer to handle any offers or sales contracts. That said, the process of offering an Myanmar property for sale by the owner is extremely easy to set-up with most leading websites offering self listing tools.


There are reasons though why agents can have the edge over the for sale by owner route as they can get more leads and at times qualified leads that mean business and the owners can feel more confident that when an offer is placed it is expected to be firmer than those leads generated through listing websites. There is an argument though for trying initially to see if the buyers or investors can be sourced through a real estate directory and then if it fails to deliver sign up with a broker or agent.


There is an overwhelming reason to list by the owner through international sites if the owner truly believes that their property would be attractive to overseas or international clients. Then finding an international property portal is the best way forward. Look out for options of Myanmar property for sale by owner in this leading international website.

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