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With an estimated growth at an average of between 25-30% in next five years India is one of the fastest real estate markets in the world. As against this growth trajectory, the growth rates in some of the most developed markets in the world has fallen to single digit figures. Unlike in the developed countries India is witnessing its first real boom in the real estate sector since independence. With the fast pace modern era which is affecting this part of the world which is supporting a growing and sustainable economy on a long-term basis India is the place to take note of.

With rise in literacy rate and new age economy businesses creating new job opportunities, the middle class brigade of India is only mushrooming which is now well exposed to global trends and, therefore, has similar aspirations in terms of lifestyle.

With over 400 million people set to enjoy this new India they are well poised to support the mammoth opportunities in the real estate sector. India has a well-defined regulatory and financing regime in place. Last but not the least, real estate property in India in both residential as well as commercial segments, are fast turning into gold mines with phenomenal price escalation ( more than 100% in several places) in last couple of years

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