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India Property Investment

With an estimated growth at an average of between 25-30% at times over a number of years India has a fast evolving real estate markets. This rise in interest in Indian real estate investing is a global phenomenon and yet growth rates cannot be sustained without adequate reforms and transparency. Global markets have leant towards encouraging the Indian government to reform foreign direct investment [ FDI ] rules which have begun to take shape.

It is now possible for foreign businesses to own 100% of an Indian businesses in the telecommunication fields. This is in addition to relaxations in other sectors such as Indian real estate and financial markets. India’s government has promised a non- aggressive tax regime for all business operating from within India.

With the fast pace of the modern era in India becoming evident this had strengthened the interest in the real estate sector and its investment opportunities in India on wide scale, especially in major cites and within industries like the health sector.

With rise in literacy rate and new age economy businesses creating new job opportunities, the middle class brigade of India is only mushrooming which is now well exposed to global trends and, therefore, has similar aspirations in terms of lifestyle.

With over 400 million people set to enjoy this new India they are well poised to support the mammoth opportunities in the real estate sector.

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