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Bollywood Celebrity Homes

Bollywood is the term used globally to refer to a film industry based in Mumbai India. Bollywood is clearly a lighthearted play on the word Hollywood, with Bollywood being the largest film producing region in India, and one of the largest centres of film production in the world.

Bollywood is so big, its stars are becoming not just known in India but throughout the international market place. Bollywood celebrities make news in the west as well as the east and stars can often afford luxury homes given that they are popular in one of the world's largest economies

With rise in literacy rate and new age economic businesses creating new job opportunities, the middle class brigade of India is booming, which is now well exposed to global trends, and therefore has similar aspirations in terms of lifestyle. This is making film enthusiasts flock ever more to the Indian cinema to see their favorite Bollywood stars.

One of the most well know websites that is a potential avenue to seeing how Bollywood Celebrity Homes look like is a web site called - Bollywood.

With over 400 million people set to enjoy this new India they are well poised to support the mammoth opportunities in the real estate sector.

Bollywood Celebrity Homes | Luxury Homes of Bollywood Stars

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