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Pattaya Thailand Real Estate

The Kingdom of Thailand conjures up many exotic thoughts about hot days and a busy nightlife for both western and eastern peoples who flock to Thailand in their millions each year. A special place in Thailand, that is world renowned, is Pattaya, being essentially a beach resort area roughly 100 kilometres (62 mi) to the south and east of Bangkok.


Here you will find a range of option from houses to villas and beach side condos where both locals and moreover international buyers and investors look to purchase real estate.


Local agents selling real estate in Pattaya can welcome visitors and show them around the many options pen to buyers. This area is the second most visited in Thailand and the bay provides a wonderful panorama for those owners or vacationers who have opted for a Pattaya rental for short or long periods.

Looking to purchase Thailand real estate - connect with owners who have listed properties in this leading property listings directory, or a property agent who specializes in Asian properties, who then will guide buyers through the buying or renting out process if being purchased as an investment.

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