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Real Estate Thailand Koh Samui

As well as mainland Thailand there are some very well known islands, internationally speaking, that cater for a lot of traffic heading to Asia looking for great beaches and somewhere to relax. Ko Samui, one of the more famous islands, is located just off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. Being the second-largest island after Phuket in Thailand the number of locals versus the tourists weigh in at less than one in 10 with millions of tourists arriving each year.


The attraction of Koh Samui is in part to the large natural resources that this island can offer - coral reefs, coconut trees and mile upon mile of white sandy beaches leading to tourism now being the dominant industry.

In particular Koh Samui is now a true international vacation and tourist destination with the jet-set arriving hourly throughout the year from both East and West to enjoy the range high class facilities and services on the island. Luxury upscale beach resorts are focal to this spot in Asia where both toursist and long term residents enjoy beautiful beaches with picturesque views and the inviting seas. Many of these beaches have their own vibrant living-coral reefs, so there's plenty of snorkeling on hand and excellent diving.

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