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Foreign Investment in Thailand - a very good demographic figure for growth of the domestic housing market, especially the middle-end investment sector.

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More and more people are seeking investment opportunities in Thailand and maybe you should too!

Blessed with a rich culture, beautiful landscape and warm and friendly people, Thailand's has developed into one of Asia's top travel destinations. The kingdom has a highly developed tourist industry at affordable prices which caters to all types of visitors ranging from those in search of an exotic experience to people set on vacationing in a lap of luxury at a five-star resort equipped with all the modern amenities.

Aside from repeating tourists, Thailand has become a popular place for foreigners settling abroad especially retirees and property investors. Many key areas of the country rely heavily on the growing tourism market. Property investments in these locations are rising at a fast pace, benefiting the local economy and resulting in good capital returns for investors.

Physical and Cultural Factors:

Thailand has transformed from being a faraway undeveloped travel destination to an easy-to-get to tourist spot with universal appeal.

Many expatriates in Thailand as well as those living in other Asian countries are choosing to retire in the "Land of Smiles" because it offers good value for money and comfortable living conditions.

Retirement visas are easily available for foreigners over 50 years of age with the financial means to support themselves.

Thailand has top-quality international schools, modern health care services and good infrastructure

In Thailand offers something for everyone. Visitors could easily spend days exploring the vibrant culture found in its cities or spend time enjoying the countries natural landscape which includes beautiful hills,dense forests and pristine beaches.

Warm weather year round specially appeals to winter holidaymakers. The peak season is from November to February.

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