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An extremely diverse country with a rich culture Morocco has been home to many races over the centuries. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Andalusians, and Arabs have all had their part in building this civilization. Officially the Kingdom of Morocco , this country is located in North Africa.

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Morocco shares borders with Algeria in the East, Spain to the North, and Mauritania to the South. The country has coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. The Sahara Desert makes up most of the South East portion of the country. To the North Morocco has power over waterways in and out of the Mediterranean sea due to control over parts of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Atlas Mountains run from the South West to the North East, and the majority of the population live North to them.

The country's climate is Mediterranean, and this becomes much more extreme towards the centre. Forestry, land for agriculture and coastal plains also make up the Moroccan terrain.

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