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Owning Property in Mexico

Owning Property in Mexico, find out how Owners can Own Mexican Property Safely and legally using the Mexican legal system.

Owning Property in Mexico

Thinking of buying a property in Mexico and becoming a real estate owner?


A foreigner can buy property in Mexico as any Mexican can. However, for political reasons, the Mexican Constitution includes some limitations in the sense that foreigners cannot directly acquire or own property for residential purposes, only in the case where this property is found within an area of 100 km from the border and in a strip of 50 km along the coast of Mexico.

For Canadians, US Citizens and buyers from Europe and beyond you should seek the guidance of an expert or agent about owning a property in the “Restricted Zone”. Buyers who want to own a property in this area can do so through two provisions: Either the constitution of a mercantile society whose social capital can be 100% foreign; or through a trust, a legal provision that has been used by a great majority of foreigners who want to buy property in Mexico (and not only in this restricted zone) for more than four decades.

In the interior of Mexico, you can buy property in your own name, just as you would in the United States, Canada or eslewhere.

After 1970, the Mexican government passed laws to permit foreigners, as private individuals, to buy property in the Restricted Zone through a bank trust or fideicomiso.

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