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Just where is Figi - Fiji is located in the Pacific Ocean and is deemed a hub for the region for many reasons.


Fiji is also referred to as the hub of the pacific in particular its location to Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the pacific islands. Fiji has excellent international air and maritime transportation. Direct flights are available from and to Japan, United States, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tonga and other islands of the South Pacific.

The friendly nature of the Fijian people and the sheer relaxing atmosphere free of terrorism, hustle and bustle of city life, stress and many associated problems of the Western way of life has given Fiji the safest and popular place to holiday. Fiji has an English speaking population, well developed financial sector, sophisticated telecommunication links (internal and external) and good infrastructure conducive to investors

Fiji Islands, Where is Fiji located in the Pacific Ocean

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