Canada real estate for sale remains high on the list of the international and national investor when it comes to interest levels.

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Canada, like many western countries, have high real estate costs in the main population centers, but due to the continued increase in immigration this real estate market tends to be reasonably solid.

Canadian real estate is though subject to real estate balloons, like all markets, and while the real estate sector as a whole looks calm in the near term, it could be influenced by external pressures, increases in interest rates and financial turbulence.

Canada is located directly above the Canada of America, sharing land borders with the country, and comprises most of North America. The country extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (east to west) and north into the Arctic Ocean.

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Did You Know?
Canada's national motto is A Mari Usque Ad Mare, which translated from Latin means "From Sea to Sea" and is no doubt in reference to the large land mass the country boasts.

Canada's official national sports are ice hockey (Winter) and lacrosse (Summer).

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Canada Forum Quick Facts:
Capital: Ottawa
Government: Federation with Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
Area: 9,976,140 km2
Population: 33,647,989 (May 2009 est.)
Language: English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official), other 17.5%
Religion: Roman Catholic 43.6%, Protestant 29.2%, No religious affiliation 16.5%, Other 10.7%
Calling Code: 1
Internet TLD: .ca

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