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Together with the great natural attractions and an ideal location for your dream holidays, Bulgaria has an excellent climate for investing as is considered as the fastest growing tourism market in Europe. It is now the third most popular holiday destination after Spain and France for British holidaymakers and this is what foreign buyers of property in Bulgaria appreciate the most. It is a politically stable country, and the introduction of a currency board in 1997 stabilised the country's economy. Bulgaria has been a NATO member from 2004 and has full EC membership.

The opportunities presented by the new Eastern European markets have drawn two types of buyers: those looking for city-centre buy-to-let properties and those attracted by holiday properties with letting potential. And naturally Bulgaria offers both of the opportunities. . It is host to what will be one of the most dynamic and as of yet relatively untapped property and real estate markets.

Large variety of property available for sale in many areas of Bulgaria. The Republic of Bulgaria, located in south-eastern Europe and sharing borders with Greece and Turkey among others is on its way to turn into the Riviera on the Balkans. With its continental climate Bulgaria attracts Summer tourists with its beautiful and unspoilt white beaches along the Black Sea coast and Bulgaria’s long hot summers.

Winter tourists are drawn to Bulgaria’s stunning mountains and fast developing winter sports resorts along with the other attractions Bulgaria can offer-preserved rural areas, beautiful countrysides, minimum urbanization, thousand years of history. Thanks to its southern location the region of Burgas is especially pleasant. Also, within less than a thirty minute drive from Burgas are the popular holiday destinations of Sunny Beach, St.Vlas, Sozopol, Primorsko, and Nessebar. Other areas covered are Bansko and Sofia.

Bulgaria is a beautiful, sometimes challenging, interesting and engaging country. Bulgaria emerged from a communist regime on 10th November 1989 and since then the country has experienced rapid change and continues to develop.

Similar to many developing countries, there is much to learn and experience; if you intend to visit Bulgaria for a short or extended period of time the following description will give you a brief idea of the country.

Situated in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the East Bulgaria touches the Black Sea. To the South its neighbours are the famous Greece and Turkey. Romania is to the north, much of it denoted by the River Danube, and Serbia and Macedonia are Bulgaria’s neighbors to the west.

Key Tourist Locations:
From a tourism perspective, the most popular destinations are those on the coast and several skiing resorts . The Black Sea Coast is dominated by the larger more successful summer resorts such as those at Sunny Beach, serviced by two main airports at Bourgas and Varna. The mountain destinations have grown in popularity substantially in recent years, the most successful one being at Bansko. From investor’s point of view the capital Sofia is becoming one the most attractive destinations in Europe serviced by Vrajdebna airport.

Bulgaria Festivals and Events Overview:

Public holidays include the following:

New Year (1 and 2 January)

Liberation Day, National Bulgarian Day (3 March)

Easter - one week after the Catholic Easter

Labour day (1 May)

Cyrillic Alphabet Day (24 May)

Bulgaria’s Unification Day (6 September)

Bulgarian Independence Day (22 September)

Christmas (24, 25 and 26 December)

New Year’s Eve (31 December)

Bulgarians observe a number of traditional customs as well:

Trifon Zarezan on 14th February is the ancient festival of the wine growers. Vines are pruned and sprinkled with wine to ensure a bounteous harvest.

On 1st March Bulgarians give one another martenitsi, red and white tasselled threads which are worn for health and happiness at the coming of spring. When wearers see their first stork of the season, the martenitsa is tied to the nearest tree.

The Festival of Roses is celebrated with folk songs and dances at Kazanlak and Karlovo on the first Sunday in June.

The Jazz Festival – 8 -13 August, Bansko

Orpheus Music Festival – 17 – 19 June, Smolyan

Bagpipe Festival in Gela, Rhodope Mountains – Mid August, and many more.

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